Peter Keene

Lite my fire

Peter Keene 2001

laboratory glassware, reagents, electronics, metal, lab scaffolding.
0,50m x 0,30m x 1,20m

A certain quantity of marble chipping were obtained from the grave of Jim Morrison (Pere Lachaise Cemetry, Paris). These were placed in a chemical reactor containing a dilute solution of muratic acid. The carbon dioxide gas thus produced was washed by barboting the gas through a mixture of holy water and lime to remove any unreacted acid. The gas was then allowed via a non return cock into an expanding bladder made from french bauderuche. After reaching a pressure of three atmospheres, the gas was realeased into a saturation vessel containing virgin enriched holy water. The resulting fizzy water was bottled and sold on to Jim Morrison pilgrims (also found in Pere Lachaise).

Jim Morrison - art installation - Peter Keene Jim Morrison - art installation - Peter Keene