Peter Keene

Peter Keene

Lost science revisited...  

The work of Peter Keene is in a state of constant flux.
A big experiment constructing dismantling recuperating improving relooking.A perpetual work in progress spaning four decades.
From time to time, a piece remains stable long enough to be photographed and eventually exhibited and maybe even sold.


The universe of Peter Keene is populated by the men and women who spent most of there lives in the obscure borderlands of science, contemporary music and art, Tesla, Lakhovsky, Chandra Bose, Arman Barbault, Bruce Lacey , Roger Spear, Cleve Baxter, Theremin, Raymond Scott, la Monte Young, Gustave Lebon, to name but a few.

The internet site at the present time represents a small selection of the work of Peter Keene.From time to time, it will be updated with new work films and photos from his archives.