Peter Keene

Oeuvre au rouge

Peter Keene 2001

Laboratory glassware, holy water, bronze, lenin bust, electronics.
diam : 0,35m  h: 2,00m

A bronze bust of lenin and silver electrodes were immersed in 10 liters of fine quality holy Lourdes water contained in a chemical reactor. A small galvanic current was passed for one month. During this time, Lenin gas was seen escaping from the bust and slowly the holy water took on a blueish hue which became cloudy after several days.After a further two weeks, a golden liquid slowly seperated falling to the bottom of the reactor which was siphoned off and left to evaporate, leaving behind golden crystals. These were weighed and bottled for further use.

electrolyse Lenine bust Peter Keene electrolyse Lenine bust Peter Keene