Peter Keene

Evaporator 2007

Peter Keene 2007

Mixed technics. Zinc bath, lemonade bottles, oil jars, salt water and electronics. 1,00 x 0,3 x 0,3 m.

Several lemonade bottles filled with salt water and immersed in a zinc bath also filled with salt water, form a simple liquid capacitor kilner jars containing light bulbs and cooking oil provide light and a heat the latter speeds up the slow evaporation of the salt water in the bath.
As the water level drops so does the electrical capacity. A system electronic dims the light bulbs and down pitches an audio drone with respect to the falling capacitence.The aspect of the piece changes as the bath and bottles become completely encrusted with white salt crystal. The process takes about a month.

installation lumineuse, condensateur variable à eau salée, Peter Keene, plasticien