Peter Keene

The Dream machine Brion gysing
and beyond

Peter Keene 2009

RGB leds, motor, electronics, aluminium chassis.
diam : 0,80m  h : 1,00m

This is my most recent version of the dream machine. I did build one in the mid sixties unlike the famous Gysin machine which used a fixed light bulb suspended in a card board tube with geometriacally cut patterns and placed on a 78 rmp turntable. My approach was some what different.I think I must have been inspired by doctor who or space patrol.I made a rotating chair taking and old kitchen chair chopping off the legs and bolting it to a big variable speed motor that I had recuperated from a steel profile cutting machine found in an old factory suspended over my chair and also motorised was a washing machine tambour.I hung several sealed beam car headlamps with motorised colour wheels from the ceiling and controlled them with and old cam timer.The light beams creating strange patterns in my eyes as they flashed changed colour and passed through the holes of the tambour.I used to sit in the chair with my head in the tambour turning fast with the tambour turning even faster in the opposite directionlistening to the static and hetrodyning swoops of a modified old shortwave radio which I got to scan the short wave band with a slow reversing when stalled synchronous motor.

dream machine Peter Keene